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MoWe Design:Women want great technology from Lemus

Lemus Vintage // Black&Copper

Design vs technology

There is no doubt that a good song on the radio can lift one's mood in no time. I myself, do not know much about sound, so I can not make myself wise on it. It is probably no secret that the speaker market mostly appeals to the male gender more than female ones due to the technology that is most often behind it. But one thing I do know, that is design. That’s why I also fell for the brand Lemus, which I had the pleasure of taking a closer look at Formland the fair, in early February. I have known their stuff for a few years and have to say it looks wildly delicious.

Lemus is a Danish brand that designs audio sources for wireless streaming. The design is timeless, innovative and definitely appeals to any design lover. But most importantly, it is easy to navigate around. This is precisely the reason why a good part of Lemus' fan base consists of women, as the beautiful design, where sound is integrated into your home decor, appeals to women in style..


Lemus is for both men and women

Lemus introduced at Formland their new collection Lemus HOME, where sound is integrated into beautiful Danish-designed furniture and thus hidden away. I spoke with the designer and director, Rasmus Møller Kastrup, who told me that this particular collection is designed to solve a problem many cohabiting couples have: The big battle for good sound vs. nice design. The women want nice design and are willing to compromise on the sound and men want the opposite. Yes, it sounds stereotypical, so sorry if I step on anyone's toes, but it's after all what I experience with many in my circle of friends…

Lemus HOME, on the other hand, appeals to both genders, as neither sound nor design has been compromised. The first product in the collection is a TV cabinet with built-in sound. The product is easy to use for even the most tech-savvy, like me, as it just needs to be plugged in and then you are running. Lemus has i.a. won German Design award 2018 in the "Furniture" category for this innovative product.

Done with clumsy floor-standing speakers, wires and ugly soundbars. And thank you, for beautiful design, Lemus!

I just got one of Lemus Vintage modelsr in an early birthday present. I am very impressed with the deliciousness of the product packaging. Discreet and then it is in leather! Yes, I am a fan of leather interiors in the home and therefore this round speaker fits perfectly into the home with us. I thank the giver for knowing me so well! So now there must be dancing in the kitchen!


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– Monica Weidemann

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