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Read Boligcious' reviews of Lemus

Design and interior blogger Malene Marie Møller, who is the woman behind the blog;Boligcious has reviewed a couple of Lemus' products. You can read her review here:





“Sometimes music is
all you need”

There is nothing that can lift a mood, a mood or a mood like music itself I can not go a day without! That's why I have the antennas out, as soon as there are new products on the market that can not only give me my vital okay, I take it straight to the edge; - need to fill my everyday life with music. musik.



LEMUSis a Danish brand that designs sound sources, ie speakers for wireless streaming and headphones. I love LEMUS design, it's both elegant and innovative, and it's super easy to navigate. When you are now as dependent on music as you are at the same time as you go up in decor and have a clear attitude to style, it means a lot that the speaker is nice and can be integrated into the decor. It's even cooler if the design is so nice that you can actually present it together with other decorative items, because it blends well in and gives extra elegance to the room and so does the LEMUS design..


Music that can be taken from room to room or on the terrace is welcome and so can the three sound sources that I have tested for LEMUS. The sound is surprisingly good, with good substance and depth in the bass, and I love that it is so easy to stream that you do not need instructions or special technical ingenuity, it all seems completely natural and takes 2 sec. Let me present the three products properly…



LEMUS VINTAGE is my favorite when it comes to design. Very innovative design and really vintage-delicious. Materials have been used which are just right in relation to time and trend. The most delicious leather cover that is buttoned around the speaker when it goes on the go. Lightly push the leather up and press the Bluetooth button and you are almost done. The buttons sit under the leather with an embossing, so they are easy to find, another super nice detail. The speaker itself is beautiful with a warm golden metal surface.

LEMUS VINTAGE measures 21 cm. in height and is approx. 8. cm and dia. It costs DKK 1599 and can be boughthere.



Is elegant as a small women's bag. A super feminine speaker with a leather handle which makes it easy to take with you. Soft chubby shapes, beautiful textile cover and super delicious finish in the metal, which is matte and brushed. Details are definitely the key word when LEMUS develops design and they are also at the very top of the SIA model. The small chubby compact naughty case here is available in three colors, you can see themhere. and it measures only 12.5 cm in width, 10.5 in height and small 4 cm. in depth. It costs only DKK 899 and can be purchasedhere.



LEMUS EARSOUND is really a huge upgrade of the classic plug-in headphones I know. The finesse and design are top notch and elegant. Beautiful gold details, delicious burgundy rubber nipples for the ear and a twisted cord that seems to last a bit of everything. The sound is again super good and these headphones have a permanent place in my bag, I can not live without them at all.

LEMUS EARSOUND costs only DKK 399 and can be purchasedhere


Bonus info: It is so delicious to receive the products from LEMUS, the packaging is delicious and gives a first-hand impression, which is fully lived up to when the package is opened and the beautiful products are unpacked.








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