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About Lemus

Lemus was founded in 2014 by the innovative Danish designer Rasmus M. Kastrup. His primary vision was to combine technology and design.

Lemus doesn't compromise when it comes to sound nor aesthetics, it will give you the perfect balance between design, sublime craftsmanship and technological expertise. Lemus gives you sound, functionality and design all in one.


Lemus consists of two subbrands;

Lemus Lifestyle and Lemus Home


With the Lemus Home collection, you get both music systems as well as home cinema in a Danish designed minimalistic furniture - completely without cable clutter, dominant amplifiers and troublesome connection.

With Lemus Home, our customers get a lot of sound for their money, even on top of the design virtues. It is all wrapped in a piece of sustainable Danish craftsmanship in eye catching Nordic style designed in neutral colors that will suit any home.

Take a look at all products in the Lemus Home collection right here: Lemus HOME


Lemus Lifestyle

The Lemus Lifestyle collection consists of high class speakers and headphones. In all products we have made something extra special out of the details. Wireless, elegant and simple.

At Lemus we are passionate about giving our customers ultimate portability, velvety soft tones and superb sound in an exclusive and Nordic design. Our Lemus Lifestyle collection is high quality speakers and headphones all made with the specific details in focus.

With Lemus Lifestyle, our customers get the perfect balance between design, technological expertise and emotional appeal.

Our speakers and headphones in the Lemus Lifestyle collection bring you closer to the music. The products give you complete portability in an exclusive and Nordic design. You get superb sound without compromising on design.

We cater to the quality conscious consumer who refuses to compromise, neither with sound nor aesthetics. The collection is designed to fit any home, and is designed in an ever growing collection. The minimalistic design combined with the sublime sound is guaranteed to appeal to everyone.

Lemus strives to create beautiful and well-created products that combine sound and design in an absolutely unique class for the quality conscious consumer. Lemus is traded at over 100 dealers around the world, with many more on the way.